Post Viral Clips
on Autopilot

QuickVid Autopilot is a generative AI tool that curates, edits, and posts clips from your existing videos.  

Connect your Source

Connect your Youtube, Google Drive, Twitch, Vimeo or Zoom and Autopilot will find all of the interesting clips and edit them

select your destinations

Choose where you want your clips to be posted and QuickVid will use its AI to figure out the best time and frequency to post

Receive weekly recaps

Every week you'll receive a breakdown on how your clips are performing with insights on how to improve


How it works

Autopilot makes it effortless to manage your clip posting while still giving you creative control

Connect your Video sources

Connect your Youtube, Google Drive, Twitch, Vimeo or Zoom and Autopilot will process all of the content posted for interesting clips

Customize your branding

Make clips your own by adding your brand colors, setting your subtitle font, adding watermarks and more

Connect your destinations

Connect your Youtube, LinkedIn, X, or TikTok and QuickVid will post the highest quality clips at a regular cadence

AI Optimized Scheduling

Our AI finds the best time to post for each video destination to make sure you get the most reach from your clips

AI Virality Score

Autopilot grades each clip on how likely it is to go viral, only your highest quality clips will be posted.

Weekly Performance insights

Autopilot analyzes your source content and clips to drive insights about whats working and whats not. These insights are delivered weekly right to your inbox

Starting at
$200.00/ Month

Automate your clip curation and get back to making amazing content

Automated Clip Curation
Automated Clip Posting
Weekly Insights
Optimized Posting Schedule
Customized Branding
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