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QuickVid is a generative AI video tool that automates your short form video creation with a single click

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Post top-quality shorts daily to gain more views and fans, accelerate your growth and monetization.

Loved by 700k+ creators

Completely Hands-off

Choose from two different modes

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Designed for creators who like to steer their narrative, this manual option gives you the freedom to upload your videos, make the perfect edits, and post them to your audience. Whether it's fine-tuning the details or selecting just the right segments for your YouTube shorts, CoPilot puts the editing suite at your fingertips.

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Ideal for busy creators, this plan lets you set it and forget it. Once you integrate your video source, our advanced AI takes over—seamlessly cutting up your videos into engaging shorts, making smart edits, and posting them directly to your channel. AutoPilot is the hands-off solution for constant content without the hassle.

How it works

After your video is uploaded QuickVid gets to work


Enhance every video with automatic subtitles. Select from a variety of styles to align with your brand identity. Easily tailor your subtitle preferences in the branding settings.

Virality Score

Maximize your content's reach with our AI-powered Virality Score. This tool evaluates the potential of your clips to go viral by analyzing patterns in thousands of successful videos.

Smart Clip Discovery

Streamline your video editing with AI-driven clip selection. Our system identifies and highlights the most engaging moments: laughter, insightful commentary, or thrilling gameplay.

Dynamic Layout

Revolutionize your video presentations with AI-assisted Dynamic Layouts. Effortlessly switch between full screen, duo, trio, or screen sharing modes to showcase your content dynamically.

Speaker Detection

Ensure focus where it matters with our AI Speaker Detection. The system keeps the video centered on active speakers, maintaining engagement by following the conversation's flow.

Generated Metadata

Simplify your content management with AI-generated metadata. Titles and descriptions for each clip are crafted to resonate with your specific audience, making posting easier and more effective